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Who is EGIA?

EGIA is a contractor training and professional development trade association which specializes in helping home improvement contractors boost their bottom line while increasing sales volume and profits. Our partnership with O’Connor allows contractors to participate in our financing clearinghouse. As a O’Connor dealer, we work with you to find and secure the best financing solutions for you to offer your customers.

How do I sign up for the Installment+ Loan Program?

Fill out the Installment+ enrollment application and Email it to or fax it to 800-506-9073.

Am I eligible for this program?

This program requires around two years in business and satisfactory credit on the business and principal(s) as well as active licensing, current insurance coverage, and a clean BBB rating.

Why am I subject to credit approval?

All lenders require financial information to make sure the dealer applying to offer the financing is solid and will be able to service their own installations for warranty work. Lending organizations are “holder in due course”, meaning that they are required by law to cover any warranty work for a financed installation if the dealer goes out of business.

What is the enrollment process?

  •  Complete the enrollment application and submit it to EGIA
  •  Upon approval, you will receive a welcome email with a link to complete your enrollment
  •  Complete enrollment by entering the information and running a test transaction
  •  Now you are ready to submit loan applications

Why do I have to pay dealer fees?

This allows you to offer the best possible financing solutions for your business and customers. Dealer fees are to set to ensure that a greater amount of customers will be approved in order to sell the job with the interest rate and terms your customers need. When using programs without dealer promotions, you are more apt to lose jobs due to higher customer credit constraints.

How do I get paid?

Funding is processed through your credit card processing software. Upon credit approval, your customer will be provided with a 16 digit account code, CVV code, and expiration date. You would process this as if it were a standard MasterCard. Check your contract to find out your hand key rates.

What is the benefit to funding through a credit card?

  •  Saves time: No longer will the you need to revisit the homeowner for forgotten signatures on completion docs
  •  Install Next Day: Homeowners accept the terms and conditions verbally or by email. You don’t have to wait on loan docs to be signed
  •  Get paid faster: Funding isn’t held up with the bank needing homeowner verification that the job is complete

Are there options to lower my merchant service costs?

Yes, EGIA works with providers that can provide reduced fees. These alternative options are subject to enrollment and approval. Contact an EGIA representative for more information.

What are the homeowner requirements?

  •  640+ FICO
  •  DTI < 50%
  •  No major delinquencies
  •  No bankruptcies for 5 years

Are there other finance options available?

Yes, please visit the Financing Clearinghouse page.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact an EGIA representative by calling 866-797-7343 or emailing