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RedBrick Financial Group is a financing provider who offers home improvement contractors with affordable lending products for home owners. Having a deep understanding of the “kitchen table” sale, RedBrick provides fast, efficient, and paperless application processing in a matter of minutes. We focus on offering 0 dealer fee and low dealer fee programs avoiding costly buy down fees.

RedBrick is a unique financing provider who chooses to not penalize homeowners with retroactive interest on promotional rate programs; RedBrick 0% interest with payments and no interest/no payment products allow homeowners to continue making low monthly payments after the promotional period without the “gotcha” or penalty most other financing providers offer. The net result is a contractor selling a fair promotional product at a competitive rate.

Here are just a few benefits of the RedBrick Financial program:

  •  ZERO dealer fee plans saving you money compared to other high cost finance providers or incurring additional credit card fees.
  •  Utilize our Good/Better/Best Selling calculator with low monthly payments to improve your close percentage and increase your average tickets!
  •  True 0% interest plans with no retroactive interest or APR % hike surprises and industry best low payment factors.
  •  Fully paperless process with driver license scan and e-signature for seamless transactions!
  •  Competitive approval rates and large credit limits allowing your customers to consider all equipment options.
  •  A superior credit solution offering a simple interest, fixed rate installment loan instead of another credit card!
  •  No start-up, monthly fees or no monthly minimums. A risk free business decision and we can have you set up in days.